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We believe in telling engaging stories that contribute to a positive world.


We love working for:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Infra & Industry

We have many years of experience with video productions in construction and industry.


We produce street interviews, animations and event videos for sports organizations, beauty and healthcare companies.


We create instruction and recruitment videos for various companies and educational institutions.


From supporting animation in a video, to complete 2D character animations.


We love to make photos and are happy to shoot your event, product or project.

3MP 2020 - colors BG-02.png

How we work





When producing a video production we believe in the Public, Story and Tools trinity.


These three influences each other on how a message happens. That is why we carefully examine together with our clients what the message will be, who the target group is and what’s the story you want to tell.



Subsequently we choose which tools (such as the type of camera, 360 degrees video, VR, droneshots, 2D animation or slow motion), but also which social media platforms we can best use to get the message across. This results in getting the most out of the video production.


With professional videos you position yourself as a company or organization as an expert in your field  and create your interaction with your target group.



photo © Koen Meershoek

Paul Scholte and Maarten van Nierop started 3MP online video in 2003 during their Architecture studies at TU Delft. Paul's interest in the technique of filmmaking and Maarten's qualities as a screenwriter and animator complement each other very well. Photographer and video maker Koen Meershoek has been a valuable addition to

3MP online video since 2019 with his critical eye and enthusiastic input. We are known to our clients for our professional, flexible attitude, knowledge of video marketing and our keen eye for composition & style